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Now a day the best way of entertainment is the game show. People are busy in their life and they have no time for enjoyment working hour are long as compared to relaxation hour everyone is busy in making money. Jeeto pakistan game show Everybody, everywhere seems to be busy. But it is very important that you must give time to your family. Ary digital introduce a game show known as jeeto Pakistan. It is the biggest  jeeto pakistan helpline number 2019 .
This show is hosted by hot fahad Mustafa who is a well known actor, host, and producer. The way fahad Mustafa hosted the show is incredible. The ranking of this game show is increasing day by day. He automatically attracts the people by his funny comment. People enjoy thisshow from their home also. All aged people like this.  Jeeto pakistan helpline number 2019.
Jeeto Pakistan is full of excitement and enjoyments. Jeeto pakistan game show People from different field of life enjoying this show and they win expensive prizes. Many people also win a prize through live call. In short we can say that the people of all crowds will win the prizes. We can say that jeeto Pakistan is the most popular of show. The host of this show is energetic. This show is full of enjoyment and entertainment. In this show the fun never stops. On different TV channel at a prime time there are many shows are aired by among all ARY digital is number one.
The head office is in Karachi there are Jeeto pakistan game show many advantages of this his game show people are able to get prizes that they can’t afford in their life. This show attracts the attention of people from all over the Pakistan. Fahad Mustafa is blunt. Other aspects may include the back ground and scene of show, the background music of show etc. The anchor have eye on each viewer. Other aspects may include expensive prize.
The participants of show who receive these prizes there becomes change, prizes are highly expensive they are cars bikes gold up to 50 tola cash prizes.
Jeeto pakistan helplien number 2018 This show entertains the people of all group of ages men, women, children and old aged people. One of the best games shows in the eye of people. It i a family game show. Everyone like the host and the game show. People love to participate in this game show. They want to meet their  hot host Fahad Mustafa. They want to watch him live and for this purpose they get the passes. jeeto pakistan helpline number 2019
Launched Date OF ARY Digital Game Show:
On 18 may 2014 this show was launched on ARY digital and on Friday and Sunday this shows was airs at 07:30 pm hot. This show is airs live from its studio in Karachi. This show is popular all around the world.

Segments of Jeeto Pakistan:

There are many segments in Jeeto Pakistan.
Jeeto pakistan game show
Bigul Bajao Inam Pao
Jeet Ke Dikhao
Dil Waly Inam Ley jaen gy
Handi Charhao Inam Pao
Abi To Main Jawan Hu
Celebrity Guest
Car Bachao Ghar Le Jao
Khul Gai Qismat
Fakhry Pakistan
Nanny Usatd
Baat Banti Hai
Sahulat Bazar

Jeeto pakistan helpline number 2019
Bigul bajao inam pao:
To the audience different gift are given by the host. This is question and answer  hot segment if participants answer correctly will get a prize. Jeeto pakistan helpline number 2019
Jeet ke dikao:
In this segment of Jeeto Pakistan different types of games are performed by the audience with one goal to come out on the top.  After the successful completion of this segment winner will win the prizes. Jeeto pakistan helpline number 2019
Dil Walay Inam Ley jaen gy :
This is the segment of newlywed couple the couples will compete against  hot each other and they have to win the competition to get the prize. Jeeto pakistan game show
Handi charhao inam pao:
This is the segment of cooking one who cooks well are able o get the prizes and gift.
Abi To Main Jawan Hoon:
For elder couple this segment is introduced named as abi to main jawan hu .the elder couple from the audience will be selected and they will get the prize if they will prove that their love is still strong in this age. The elder couple will sing a song or tell a romantic story etc.jeeto pakistanhelpline number 2019
Celebrity Guest:
In this segment on stage the celebrity will join Fahad Mustafa. The guest interacts with the audience and makes the show more interesting by making the game more interesting.
Car Bachao Ghar Le Jao:
This game is quite risky because the chance of winning car will be broken off if the participant answers the question wrongly, In this segment a brand new car will be gifted to the winner. The participant will answer the entire question correctly.
Khul Gai Qismat:
Whoever comes up with these items wins. Your luck is in your hands. In this segment No Questions, No Games. It’s all depending on your luck.In this segment Fahad Mustafa will ask the entire audience for various random items which they may have on their hot person.
Nannay Ustad:
The kids will get a chance to show their talent to the world. Kids will win a prize
Baat Banti Hai:
This segment is liked by women because this segment of winning gold. Randomly participants are selected. It is the game of luck a lucky audience member will get a chance to win unexpected riches. Each box will contain a different amount of gold, if the contestant is able to guess the correct quantity and convince hot Fahad, They will be able to win the gold. Suspense is created by the host among the participants and audiences. Fahad Mustafa presented different boxes with gold in them. The quantity of gold in the box is from 3 tola -50 tola .if One box has 3 tola gold other box has 20 tola gold other box may have 50 tola gold.

This show is sponsor by the advertising companies, commercial brand and many other. Fahad Mustafa  hot is the best host for this show because he handles the show in funny way. He is so blunt and he did not compromise on the quality of work. The whole management team of jeeto Pakistan is working hard to provide you with best game show. There are many other game shows on other channels but their popularity is only for short period of time. There are many other things which participate in making this show super hit. Like background music the set of jeeto Pakistan is best.
Jeeto pakistan game show The background color of Jeeto Pakistan is very light and cool. It you want to register then you must contact our website and feel free to discuss with our management team . Our team are always there to solve help you . You also give suggestion to our team we try our best to work on your suggestion.  Jeeto pakistan game show
This show is also popular in
Saudi Arabia
Everyone desire to participate in this show so that they win expensive prices. The passes of this show in not easily available to everyone. The participants will be awarded with prize after achieving a set of challenges. This show is hit only because of prizes and gifts . jeeto pakistan game show The host of the show  Fahad Mustafa give different kind of task and the participants perform that task in return they will be awarded with a different types of prize. The type of prize depend on the type of task perform by participants.
The prize may includes
Electronic Items
Scholarship For Student
Gold ( 1 Tola-3 Tola-5 Tola-10 Tola-20 Tola And Also 50 Tola
Umrah Package
Plots in Bahria Town
Diamond Rings
Many Branded Things
Branded Shoes
Branded Clothes
Washing Machine
Machine Juicer
Vacation Packages
Different Kind of House Hold Item
Mobile Phones
Generator Etc
ARY is a group of channels which include
Ary News
Ary Digital
Ary Music
Ary Films
ARY group is working in
Middle East
North America
Jeeto Pakistan is one of the top shows in Pakistan. The ranking of this show is increasing and therefore everyone want to participate in this show the procedure to participate in this game is very simple.
The participants who want to participate visit our website of ARY digital for online registration.
The person who wants to participate in this game show will give complete information which is asked by the ARY digital website.
The participants will have to fill the form correctly like name, address, phone number a email id other on any false information you participation may lead disqualification.
After the participants complete registration procedure management team will contact you and guide you for the entrance in the show.jeeto pakistan helpline number 2019.
The best thing about this show is that this game show provides entertainment to all men, women, children and old aged people. This is complete family show you can sit and watch with your company. The time of this show is 7:30pm. This is the best time for all those who are working in an office .after office working hours they can easily give time to their family .this show are telecast on every Friday and Sunday.jeeto pakistan helpline number 2019

This show is on Friday and Sunday .Saturday and Sunday is off for student’s .this is the best day to spend time with your family, relatives and friends. There are many other game shows but no one can beat this game show as it is a family show. This game show provides many opportunities to the students, the host Fahad Mustafa distribute tablet and laptop among the students. The host also give bikes to those student who face transport problems .this show also help in building the confidence of many people as participants have to perform the task or play the game in front of audience therefore if they have any kind of fear this show help them a lot in building their confidence. This show give expensive gifts to all the participants which middle class people cannot even think to buy in their life. jeeto pakistan helpline number 2019
People are dying heart fan f this show in Pakistan .everyone desire to participate in this show. There are few rules and regulation that must be following by the participants. Management of jeeto Pakistan reserves all rights of entrance. Jeeto Pakistan management can cancel the entrance in the show without any notification. Entrance in the jeeto Pakistan show is possible only with family members.
Main Aim of the Jeeto Pakistan:
The main aim of the Jeeto Pakistan game show is to provide entertainment to all the people by creating a little bit suspense among the audience.
Timing of jeeto Pakistan:
The Jeeto Pakistan is airs in the evening at half past 7 on every Friday and Sunday.jeeto pakistanhelpline number 2019
How Participants Are Selected In Jeeto Pakistan:
The participants of this show are selected randomly by hot fahad Mustafa. From audience everyone desire to participate in the game to win the expensive prizes. prizes are distributed on the basis of challenge ,game competition only the winner are able to get expensive . Jeeto pakistangame show In this game show your luck matter a lot if you are lucky you can win car and 50tola gold. The viewers who are watching show from home can also participate by the live call and win expensive prizes by sitting at home.
One cannot deny the importance of game show because game show are best entertainment in these day .a family show is one in which you are able to sit with your family and discus things with them without any hesitation .there are many game show which you are not able to see with your family. Jeeto pakistan game show  The dressing of host is not proper. The language use by the participants and the host is proper. But in case of jeeto Pakistan you don’t have any kind of complain. jeeto pakistan helpline number 2019
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