Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number 2020

Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore 2020

Jeeto Pakistan is known as the greatest amusement show of Pakistan. Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore. The Jeeto Pakistan is facilitated by Fahad Mustafa on ARY computerized. Fahad Mustafa is a renowned performing artist, and hot. Fahad Mustafa facilitated this amusement appear in such a great way, that it's draw in the group of onlookers present in the studio just as it additionally pull in the general population who are watching this show from their home.Ary jeeto pakistan head office number lahore.Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore 2019 

   پیارے دوست اگر آپ کو کوئی کال یا میسج موصول ہوا ہے کہ آپ کچھ پیسے جیت گئے ہیں جیتو پاکستان کی طرف سے اور آپ کو کچھ پیسے جمع کروانے کا یا ایزی پیسہ کا کہے تو سب سے پہلے آپ اپنے لاٹری نمبر کی تصدیق کر لیں ایسی بہت ساری ویب سائٹس پر بہت بڑے پیمانے پر فراڈ ہو رہا ہے کہیں آپ کے ساتھ بھی کوئی فراڈ نہ ہو جائے شکریہ   WELCOM TO ARY JEETO PAKISTAN OFFICIAL BLOG THANK YOU FOR VISITING ARY OFFICIAL BLOG AND PLEASE FIRST JOIN THE JEETO PAKISTAN SHOW LUCKY DRAW BY REGISTER ONLINE FORM THANK YOU FOR MORE INFO CALL TO 03344227636....

۔اسلام علیکم۔ جیتو پاکستان کی طرف آپ کو ویلکم کیا جاتا ہے ، ہمارے پروگرام میں شرکت کرنے کے لیے اس بلاگ سائٹ میں دیئے ہوئے فارم کو پُر کریں اور پروگرام میں شامل ہونے کے لئے آپ کو کال کے ذریعے بتایا جائے گا ، یا پھر نیچے دیئے ہوئے نمبر پر کال کریں شکریہ پاکستان، 03128490280

Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore. 

Fahad Mustafa get popularity after this show. Step by step the positioning of Jeeto Pakistan is expanding .This show is famous everywhere throughout the world. Every matured individuals like this show. Jeeto Pakistan is loaded with fervor and delights. Gathering of people wins distinctive sorts of prizes. Numerous individuals additionally win a prize through live call. In short we can say that the general population of all groups will win the prizes. Jeeto pakistan is the most famous amusement show of Pakistan. This show is prominent due to its enthusiastic host Fahad Mustafa. In this demonstrate the fun never stops. Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore.Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore 

Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore On various Television slot at a prime time. There are numerous shows are broadcast by among all ARY advanced is number one. The head office of this show is in Lahore. In brief timeframe this show draws in the consideration of gathering of people. The positioning of show is high a direct result of its gifted host Fahad Mustafa. Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore.Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore 2020

Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Call Number 2020

Fahad Mustafa is obtuse and he effectively wins the hearts of group of onlookers. There are numerous different perspectives that assume a critical job in making this show hit. Different perspectives may incorporate the back ground and scene of show, the ambient melodies of show and so on. The stay have eye on every watcher. Different angles may incorporate costly prize. The members of show who get these prizes there moves toward becoming change, prizes are exceptionally costly they are autos bicycles gold up to 50 tola money prizes. These blessings are being given to ordinary citizens who couldn't stand to get them at themselves after their support in the amusement. Jeeto Pakistan is loaded with fun and entertainment.Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore.Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore 2020

The Jeeto Pakistan is prominent among various nations of the world. Pakistan is authenticity picking up show of ARY Computerized Television station. In Pakistan this show is communicating effectively on ARY advanced and it subject to various diversions and traps. This show gives the best stage to the members to win the costly prizes. Before the group individuals perform distinctive sort of undertaking it will help them in structure their certainty. Since the very first moment Pakistan individuals have been insane for this amusement appear. Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number LahoreAry Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore 2020

Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore 2019

Propelled Date: 

On 18 may 2014 this show was propelled on ARY computerized and on Friday and Sunday this shows was affectation at 07:30 pm.This show is pretense live from its studio in Karachi. Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore 

Ary Computerized Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number 

Reason for Jeeto Pakistan Amusement Show: 

The primary reason for this show is to engage the general population of all gathering of age which incorporates men, ladies, youngsters and old matured individuals. This show gives engage to group of onlookers in light analysis and making anticipation among the watcher of this show. 

Open door for understudies: 

This show gives chance to the understudy of Pakistan to win the workstation that assistance in their examinations 

A considerable lot of the understudies can't manage the cost of their own vehicle for those understudies who face transport issue they likewise get bicycle that settle their vehicle issues. 

On Broadcast: 

Jeeto Pakistan is broadcast each Friday and Sunday at 7:30 pm at ARY Advanced channel. Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore. 

Members of Jeeto Pakistan: 

From a studio group of onlookers of Jeeto Pakistan demonstrate the members are chosen haphazardly. There are no fix criteria for the determination of members. Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore.Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore 2019

Portions Of Jeeto Pakistan

There are numerous portions in Jeeto Pakistan.

Jeet Ke Dikhao

Dil Waly Inam Ley jaen gy

Handi Charhao Inam Pao

Abi To Principle Jawan Hu

Big name Visitor

Vehicle Bachao Ghar Le Jao

Khul Gai Qismat

Fakhry Pakistan

Babysitter Usatd

Baat Banti Hai

Sahulat Bazar

Bigul bajao inam pao:

Distinctive sorts of blessings are present by the host Fahad Mustafa. This is an inquiry and answer portion .the Fahad make inquiry from live group of onlookers.

Jeet ke dikao:

In this portion there are distinctive arrangement of diversions perform by the group of onlookers with one objective to turn out on the top. Toward the finish of portion the victor will get the prize and they will leave joyfully

Dil Walay Inam Ley jaen gy :

It is a challenge between love bird couple. The couples will go up against one another and they need to win the challenge to get the prize.

Abi To Primary Jawan Hoon:

In this diversion the senior couples will take an interest. From the gathering of people the senior couple will be chosen and they will get the prize on the off chance that they will demonstrate that their affection is as yet solid in this age. The senior couple will sing a tune or recount to a sentimental story and so forth.

Superstar Visitor:

In front of an audience the superstar will join Fahad Mustafa. The visitor associates with the group of onlookers and makes the show all the more fascinating

Khul Gai Qismat:

In this portion Fahad Mustafa will approach the whole gathering of people for different arbitrary things which they may have on their individual. Whoever thinks of these things wins. Your karma is in your grasp. In this section No Inquiries, No Diversions. It's everything relying upon your karma.

The Best Amusement Show Of Jeeto Pakistan Head Ofice Number Lahore


In this portion individuals will be welcomed from various strolls o f life. Those dedicated people who have turned into a wellspring of motivation and pride for Pakistan, advancing and inspiring their nation's name in constructive light on the planet.

Baat Banti Hai:

This is the most loved portions of women on the grounds that there is gold in each crate. In this fragment the members are chosen arbitrarily .It is the round of karma a fortunate group of onlookers part will get an opportunity to win startling wealth. Each container will contain an alternate measure of gold. On the off chance that the candidate can figure the right amount and persuade Fahad. They will return home burdens more extravagant. Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore.

The host makes anticipation among the members and crowds Fahad Mustafa gave diverse boxes gold in them. One box has 3 tola gold other box has 20 tola gold other box may have 50 tola gold. Thus there is 3 – 50 tola gold in boxes.

Fahad mustafa solicited player to choose a case from his very own decision then he asks whether he is fulfill with choice or he needs to change. Once player select one box and after that other. His best choice may remunerate increasingly more sum.

Sahulat Bazar

For Sahulat Bazar, unique vouchers every worth an alternate sum will dispersed by the host Fahad Mustafa in this hot fragment. The cards will be given to haphazardly chosen gathering of people individuals, just as watchers who bring in, by means of fortunate draw. Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore.

We talk about each fragment of Jeeto Pakistan in detail currently it's up to you that in which portion you need to partake and win prizes.

Rundown of Prize in Jeeto Pakistan:

The members will be granted with prize subsequent to accomplishing a lot of difficulties .The host of the show Fahad Mustafa give diverse sort of errand and the members play out that task consequently they will be granted with an alternate kinds of prize. The kind of prize rely upon the sort of undertaking perform by members. The prize may incorporates






Electronic things


Grant for understudy


Gold ( 1 tola-3 tola-5 tola-10 tola-20 tola and furthermore 50 tola

Umrah bundle

Plots in Bahria town

Precious stone rings

Many marked things

Marked shoes

Marked garments


clothes washer

machine juicer




Excursion bundles

Distinctive sort of house hold thing


Cell phones


Generator and so on

Who Subsidized Jeeto Pakistan:

The Jeeto Pakistan is subsidized by:

Distinctive plugs brands



jeeto pakistan fortunate victor list

Jeeto Pakistan Number

This show provides refreshment movement along. This show assist you in reducing stress and tension. kids, men, ladies and recent aged individuals all fancy this programme. Currently we are able to say confidently that Jeeto Pakistan is favorite programme of Pakistan. The host of show Fahad Mustafa hosts the show with full confidence and during a funny means that audience is not bore. everybody is aware of that Fahad Mustafa may be a noted director, producer and actor of Asian country business.
Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore Jeeto Pakistan is advancing toward Lahore. Presently lahori can undoubtedly take an interest in this show and win energizing prizes. For additional data you can visit our site .don't hesitate to approach our number accessible at our official site. This show is additionally a major hit in Lahore. The group of Jeeto Pakistan is wanting to call the VIP of Lahore. Fahad Mustafa rocks this diversion appear. Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore.Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore 2019

Jeeto Pakistan is an amusement show it is an astounding plan to connect with the gathering of people in energetic exercises. Fahad Mustafa hot demonstrates that he can deal with the general population to make individuals feels as though they are in well-known condition. For instance if member win the bicycle Fahad Mustafa push the bicycle himself and help the member in riding the bicycle. Individuals appreciate the show by winning part of prizes. Individuals love to play the round of this appeared. In short Jeeto Pakistan demonstrates that it is the best diversion show of Pakistan.Ary Jeeto Pakistan Head Office Number Lahore 2019


  • Jeeto Pakistan Main Head Office Number 2020

    Pakistan’s Biggest Game Show! A show like no other, where the fun never stops and the prizes just keep on coming. A thrilling segment based game show, with twists and turns beyond imagination. With excitement and riches around every corner, conducted in front of the Live audiences, where almost all of the crowd will not go home empty handed. In addition to the Live audiences prizes will also be given to those lucky viewers who join in through Live phone calls.

    – New Design & Game play.
    – Biggest Giveaway Tournaments.
    – Exciting New Game Segments.
    – Lots of prizes.
    – Daily Reward.

    Ary Jeeto Pakistan Contact Number

  • Jeeto Pakistan Largest show in Pakistan If you want win free prizez so join Jeeto Pakistan Show and win Free prizez like Car Bike Gold Cash etc
  • ARY Digital surprises the viewers with the special surprise entry of the new sensation super kid Ahmad Shah in the special Eid 2019 episode of Jeeto Pakistan with Fahad Mustafa & special guests Humayun Saeed & Bushra Ansari. Peechay Tou Dekho famed this cute kid Ahmad Shah, from Dera Ismail Khan, won millions of hearts over social media & has been …

Jeeto PakistanPasses and Registration Online  Ramadan 2020 online registration From ARY Digital Contact Number How to register online on JEETO PAKISTAN  ramazan 2020– (Saab Lay Jao)  2019 Lahore Islamabad you can watch online video highlights and all the pictures online form photos of youtube dailymotion videos on official Facebook page given bellow The Biggest Game Show. Fahad Mustafa   “Kaisa Lag Raha Hai Aaj ka JEETO PAKISTAN ka Show Call, SMS or Online Registration last year 2019
Dekhiye aik baar phir apni pasandeedah nashriat iss  Ramazan

Shan-e-Sehr – 1:30 am LIVE
Shan-e-Iftaar – 2:30 pm LIVE
 Jeeto Pakistan – 7:30 pm LIVE

Only on  ARY Digital
 Iqrarul Hassan  Waseem Badami  Fahad Mustafa  ShaneRamazan

Program Time Friday and Sunday 08:00 PM

Ramadan / Ramazan Daily after iftar

ARY Digital Network

Jab Qismat ka Dar Khule ga toe sab ko milay ga,
Toe le jao sab le jao !

Every Friday and Sunday at 8:00 pm (Live) only on ARY Digital

Host: Fahad Mustafa
Call at 03128490280

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